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Discover available KIPA courses in your area. Our international program spans Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Bangkok, with each batch offering specific timings. Choose your desired country for the course of your choice.

KIPA Pilates students sit on the floor, engaged in a theory session led by their instructor

Fulfill the required hours within the respective course and actively participate in all the programs offered as part of the instructor course.

KIPA Pilates instructor preparing for a practical class, demonstrating proper form and technique to a group of students.

Fulfill the required practice hours to gain valuable experience and in-depth knowledge in the practice and instruction of Pilates exercises, ultimately enhancing your expertise in this discipline.

Two women in a pilates studio performing exercises, with one KIPA pilates student teaching others during a practical hour workout.

Take the exam to assess your skills and knowledge on your path to becoming a professional Pilates instructor. The KIPA examination includes both theory and practical assessments.


A KIPA pilates student being assessed by an instructor during a practical examination,

Complete all the required courses, practice hours, and pass our examination to become certified as a Pilates instructor.

Four KIPA students proudly display their certificates after successfully completing their KIPA Pilates instructor examination.

To ensure the quality of a Pilates instructor's teaching, you are required to attend workshops or courses to fulfill the minimum required credits for renewing your instructor certification.

Pilates instructor dedicated to ongoing learning for professional growth.

Practice Hours

Observation, Self practice, practice teaching

KIPA students are eligible to receive certification following the completion of the requirements below:

Beginner / Intermediate Course

  • Completion of observation (5 Hours)

  • Completion of self practice (10 Hours)

  • Completion of student teaching hours (10 Hours)

  • Achieve and average score of 75% or higher on the overall exam

Comprehensive Course

(Beginner Level + Intermediate Level)

  • Completion of observation (10 Hours)

  • Completion of self practice (20 Hours)

  • Completion of student teaching hours (20 Hours)

  • Achieve and average score of 75% or higher on the overall exam

Hours should be recorded on tracking forms and submitted via hardcopy or softcopy through email to the respective instructor trainer within 1 month after the theory and practical examination. Please ensure to put your name on all pages of your tracking forms and to total each category.

How to complete the hours of observation, self practice and student teaching

1. Observations

Hours can be logged after KIPA comprehensive training by watching a KIPA certified instructor or instructor trainer teach clients (in-person or online). Please ensure you receive permission from the KIPA instructor training center or the instructor to be observed in advance.

2. Self Practice

Self practice is essential to ensure understanding of repertoire within your own body before attempting to teach someone else. It is also to ensure your body is conditioned for the beginner and intermediate exercises as you move through your KIPA instructor training. Taking a class with a KIPA certified instructor or instructor trainer and performing the exercise within the KIPA course can qualify as self practice hours.

3. Student Teaching
Hours can be completed by teaching KIPA course repertoire to family, friends and fellow instructors, providing cues and correction throughout the workout.

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