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Examination Guide

Get ready for your Pilates certification with our essential examination guide.

KIPA pilates instructor with a group of women, proudly displaying their certificates as KIPA students after they passed their examination.

Eligibility Requirements

KIPA students are eligible to sign up for the theory and practical examination following the completion of the requirements below:


  • Attend all hours of anatomy

  • Attend all hours of postural analysis

  • Attend all hours of comprehensive training (Mat, Reformer, Chair, Barrel, Cadillac)

KIPA Examination

  • Time allotment for Theory exam: 1 hour

  • Time allotment for Practical exam: 1 hour

Testing Procedure

Theory Exam

  • Theory exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions and 10 subjective questions.

  • Passing grade is 75%.

  • It will take 1 hour to complete the exam.

  • The examination tests knowledge of the following:

    • Anatomical terms

    • Planes of movement

    • Joints and articulations

    • Tendons

    • Ligaments

    • Muscle origin, insertion and action

    • Contractions of muscles

    • Basic exercises of comprehensive course

    • Beginner exercises of comprehensive course

    • Intermediate exercises of comprehensive course

    • Ideal and poor postural alignment

    • Proper set up of equipment

Practical Exam

  • 1 hour 15 minutes session for the student to structure a suitable session for the assigned client based on the findings from postural analysis.

  • Clients will be of a beginner to intermediate level with moderate understanding of pilates and minimum to no physical restrictions provided by studio hosting final examination.

  • The structure of the session is at the discretion of the student, but must be limited to the syllabus taught within the course.

  • The practical exam consists of postural analysis, 3 beginner exercises and 2 intermediate exercises from each component or equipment taught in the comprehensive training for 1 hour.

  • In the remaining 15 minutes, there will be 2 spot check movements from the repertoire taught and Q&A session regarding the choice of exercise and reasoning.

Areas that will be evaluated in practical examination

  1. Postural analysis: Full postural analysis, accurate palpation and findings, summarisation of the findings.

  2. Sequence planning: Made the best use of equipment with layering of exercise that is suitable for the client's goal. (Setting)

  3. Exercise relevant to client’s body condition: Programme designed according to postural analysis findings.

  4. Anatomy application: Understand use of muscle in each exercise and explained to client.

  5. Cueing ability: Clear cueing in terms of the position and exercise, use of imagery, tactile and anatomical cue.

  6. Ability to provide corrections: Ensure proper alignment of client’s body during exercise, good observation and ability to correct, precautionary cue. (Setting)

  7. Ability to modify exercise: Exercise is modified to suit the needs of the client, use of props. (Setting)

  8. Understanding of exercise: Knew all the repertoire, correctly articulate the essence of exercise at all times.

  9. Teaching manner: Excellent attitude and good rapport with the client, confident throughout the session. (Social)

  10. Programme flow: Good time management and transition of exercise, execute all exercise safely. (Safety)

Both exams are graded according to criteria as outlined in the exam assessment guide. Additional time will be provided following the exam to obtain feedback or a Zoom session will be held for discussion. Final grades will be announced through text or email to the student no later than 30 days following the exam.

Failed to Abide to Passing Marks

Every student is given one chances for an examination. After the first attempt, all the retake exams have to be arranged with our admin with additional charged.

KIPA students are eligible to receive certification following the completion of the requirements below:

  • Completion of observation

  • Completion of self practice

  • Completion of student teaching hours

  • Achieve and average score of 75% or higher on the overall exam

Hours should be recorded on tracking forms and submitted via hardcopy or softcopy through email to the respective instructor trainer within 1 month after the theory and practical examination. Please ensure to put your name on all pages of your tracking forms and to total each category.

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