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Carol Tee Kai Ler

* Completion of Merrithew™️ STOTT PILATES®️

-Level 1 Intensive Mat, Reformer, Chair, Barrel, Cadillac

-ARW (Anatomy Review Workshop)

-PAR( Postural Analysis Review)

* KIPA (Korea International Pilates Academy) Certified Instructor

* Anatomy in Three Dimensions Comprehensive Course

* The Center for Women’s Fitness

-Health and Exercise for Menopause

-Pilates for Menopause Equipment

-Pre and post natal Mat Theory and Practical

-Pre and post natal Pilates equipment

-Rocking and Rolling to Release (Pelvic floor)

-Support Your Floor (pelvic floor training)

-The Center method for Diastasis Recti Recovery

* APPI Certified in Pilates for Women’s Health

- Pilates for Menopause

- Pre and Post Natal Pilates

- Pilates and the pelvic floor

* Completion in Royal Academy of Dance Advance Foundation

* Candidate in The Dance Society of Malaysia Competition

* ⁠PPES懷孕及產後訓練專家


Carol Tee Kai Ler
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